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Good news of Jesus Christ

We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, born as a human baby, in order that he might be our saviour and Lord.  We are all flawed, broken and sinful people, but he is not.  He died on the cross and rose to life again so that we could be forgiven for all that we have done that makes us enemies of God.  Anyone at all who turns to God and puts their trust in Jesus is forgiven their sins, welcomed by God as his child, is freed to live for Jesus now, and has the certain hope of eternal life to come.  

The Word and The Spirit

We believe that the Bible is God's Word.  It is what he is saying to us today, and every part of it is understandable and relevant.  In the Bible, God tells us who he is and what he has done.  It contains everything that is needed to believe in Jesus and to follow him in faith and obedience.  The Holy Spirit gives life to everyone who believes, and lives inside us, transforming us to be more like Jesus and giving us gifts to use for serving him and the church.

The Church

We believe that God did not create us to be alone, nor did Jesus call us to follow him on our own.  Instead, he created the church to be a family of people following Jesus together.  We are part of the Church of England, and therefore committed to the teaching of the Church of England, as outlined in the 39 Articles of Religion.

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